Connect Four

Connect four

Remember the game connect four. We now have a fantastic giant size game of connect four. This will add hours of entertainment to any child’s birthday party or family gathering. Made out of tough durable plastic. Therefore brightly coloured to attract the kids and encourage them to play

How to Play

Choose a colour and get 4 in a row before the other player does. Four can either be in a straight line or diagonal. Out smart your mate and force a move were you win.

Connect four is a great game for all ages. Perfect for an end of year Footy wind up or school fair or even the back yard barbecue.

Outdoor / Indoor

The fun game can be set up indoor or outdoor the choice is yours. So the game can be played summer or winter. This game can be included in one of our fantastic games packages. Or perhaps add it to a Perth bouncy castle Hire. 

Special offer Limited time only

So for a limited time hire a bouncy castle from us. We will include the Connect four game hire free of charge. Ensure to tell your friends because we give discounts for repeat customers