Inflatable Golf Darts

inflatable golf dart hire Perth

Inflatable golf darts are hours of fun for the whole family in Perth. Easily set up can add another element to any occasion. The inflatable golf darts can be set-up up outside or inside. The choice is yours.

Fun for the whole family

Out door fun for all ages on a fine summer day. Therefore a great a must to add to a barbecue package or birthday party deal. Inflatable golf darts is a fantastic game to play outdoors at any social function. Increase the skill level require by extending the distance from the dart board. The game is same for all ages as you are playing with a Velcro tennis ball (not golf ball)

Description of how inflatable darts are played

So The inflatable golf darts are a great mixture of the game of darts and golf. Therefore the game requires a little skill. Hitting tennis balls against a Velcro inflatable dart board. You take a score as you would in darts. So many different versions of the game can be played. Safe enough to play when having a few drinks with friends. Both adults and kids can play.

Perfect for corporate

Inflatable golf darts are the perfect form of entertainment for the boys and girls on the corporate functions around Perth. End of year work functions or even a Friday afternoon barbecue encouraging a bit of fun and laughter.