New bouncy castles

The long-awaited delivery of our new bouncy castles has arrived in Perth. We have finally received our delivery from China. The new bouncy castles look awesome we can’t wait for everyone to have a go on them. After they arrived at the Fremantle customs centre. We arranged for a truck to collect them. But I didn’t realise how big they were and the truck we sent was too small. So we had to arrange a larger truck to collect them. It took three of us to get them off the truck they were all pretty big.

Giant Inflatable Water Slide Bouncy Castle

water slide bouncy castle

We are super excited about the inflatable water slide. The 6 m slide the Towers above all the houses in the backyard and the kids loved it. Measurements for the slide 6 m high 4 m wide and 10 m long.

Inflatable Pirates Cove Bouncy Castle

The inflatable pirates Cove is awesome it has an inbuilt slide a basketball hoop in there and a little tunnel that goes under the slide. measurements for this inflatable bouncy castle are 4 m high by 4m wide by 6 m long.

The football snooker is a little bigger than what I thought when we bought it is 6 m long buy 4 m wide and stands 45 cm high.

The inflatable golf darts have also been a success it is 3 metres high and we had it down at the Mount Lawley football club for Heritage day on Saturday the children I had a ball with it.

So the inflatable water slide is heaps of fun. The 6 m side is great fun for the adults and the children. It keeps the young at heart going strong. We’ve had a couple of test runs and they have gone very well the children love the slide.

One of our bouncy castles is the inflatable pirates Cove it is fully covered with a thin mesh and keeps the children out of the sun. So they can play peacefully undercover for hours without getting too much sun.

So for the football Fanatics we have the outdoor football snooker. this game can bring both adults and the children together. It keeps those dribbling skills up with the kids. Therefore you don’t even have to go do the training. You can hire this and we can have it set up in your backyard you don’t even need to leave the house.

Inflatable Spiderman bouncy Castle

Our favourite is the inflatable Spiderman bouncy castle which everybody loves is 6 m long 4 m high by 5 m wide it has a huge slide on it and a small area where the children can bounce.