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Golf Darts – The indoor inflatable dart board is just like the little one we use Velcro ball instead of darts. It is 3 metres in height and very colourful. The Golf darts can be set up indoor or outdoor depending on the size of your area. So for the dart enthusiast. This is a game we can set up for you on one of those days when you are kicking back. Having a BBQ or just some down time with your mates. Just chilling at home with family and friends. We can deliver and set up our product to suit your function. It could be a Whiteman park or your  local park. For the mad golfer setting up outside is a must. With the golf there are no drivers used, its a little chip and score fun .

Pirates Cove  – Action All Around Products

Pirates Cove Perth

Pirates Cove – The pirate cove is a must for a little boys birthday parties. Because as a young boy I love anything to do with pirates. From dress up with my patch  to sword fights. This pirates cove would make an ideal play area for a group of young Pirates AHOY MATEY.  The pirates cove has a few little surprises inside. Such as a climbing mountain with a tunnel underneath. Over in the corner there is a basketball hoop. When leaving the pirates cove it has a slide on exiting.  In addition the Pirates coves has some great decorations on the outside. Like Cannons,skull and other buccaneer fun. the best is the pirates flag AAARRRGH. Size of the Pirates cove is 6.2m length x 4.5m wide x 4.3m high

Spider Man Bouncy Castle  – Action All Around Products

Spiderman bouncy castle Perth

Spider man  Bouncy Castle – For all the marvel fans. I think you would be hard pressed to find a child that hasn’t heard of spider man. Every young boys super hero. What better way to make his special day than a spider man bouncy castle in the traditional colours of red and blue. The brilliant graphics on the Perth bouncy castle would bring a smile to any child’s face. The spider man bouncy castle also has a built in slide to top off the experience. This would be hours of fun for all the kids.

Outdoor Pool Table  – Action All Around Products

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Outdoor Pool Table – The outdoor pool table is fun for  all ages and would suit any party for any age. Why should the kids be the only ones having fun. This will keep the older kid entertained and occupied. It will also boost there soccer skills and patience. The outdoor pool table is designed with a medium size football / soccer ball in bright colours. There is no need for cues as all the ball movement is done by your feet. Padded baffles mark out the playing area for a friendly game of soccer pool.

Wet and Wild Slide  – Action All Around Products

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Wet and Wild Slide – Because having fun on a hot summer day is done by adding water. Therefore we have a Perth bouncy castle slide just add water to increase the fun. Perfect for our hot summers. The slide is 6 metres high and will provide hours of fun. In addition a wet and wild  slide can be used all year around with or without water. If you do not like heights this may not be the one for you. Just remember if you give it ago  you might surprise your self and repeat the process time and time again. hours of fun for those who dare to climb.