Soccer Pool

Soccer pool is a fantastic game for all the family. Because the kids can brush up on all those ball skills and show the adults how to play. Also great for corporate packages or events, boys nights, family barbecues the list goes on.

Brush up your soccer skills with soccer pool

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Soccer pool can help and improve with any child’s soccer skills. Because it helps improve ball skill which is a must for any up and coming soccer player. The game is based on a combination of Soccer and Pool. Therefore encouraging ball control. Sinking the coloured balls in the desired pocket on the board. A great game for the adults to compete against the kid skills. Hours of fun for the whole family.

Features of the soccer game

15 brightly coloured soccer balls and the main white shot ball. The game is played like pool sink the coloured balls by hitting them with the white ball. The table is made from the floor surface and cushioned large foam blocks.